Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Be a Teacher: Accidentally

She wanted to be in the WBA since its inception.  She practiced and dreamed and played year round.  She was not the brightest star in high school but played college ball and dreamed.  To be a professional in her sport and to be paid for what she loved seemed within reach until a chance injury changed the course of her life.  The physical healing was not really a big deal for a physically strong person like her; however, the emotional healing was slow and her soul was sad.  
Then, one day came a phone call from a friend of a friend of a friend seeking a last minute high school coach.  Please he begged in the message - if you are available, we could really use your help. 
So she did thinking it would fill the day until she could find a new direction.  It was the direction she did not know she needed.  She is shaping the future and sharing the dreams of her own WBA wanna bes.  She is a professional, a teacher and a role model for her sport, accidentally!   

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BK said...

What a wonderful story of the courage to dream!