Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Be a Writer: To Persuade

"Writing is just not his thing," the teacher noted during the conference, "but he can express his ideas very effectively in discussion! You really need to encourage him to write about what is interesting to him.  He needs to feel the need to write," she added. 
His parents knew he needed to write about topics that were of interest and so the deal was that he would write about every baseball game.  They would not "bug" him about his entries, but if he did not write, he would miss the next game. He wrote, reluctantly.
His parents encouraged writing on the computer and even put the aging family computer (without Internet service) into his room as  motivation.  If he did not write, he would lose TV privileges.
It was a few years later, near the end of HS, when they knew the efforts had yielded fruit.  He wrote a long and detailed persuasive letter, pleading for driving privileges. He got them.  Writing persuasively is "his thing."   

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