Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Be a Teacher: The Dream

It started in third grade: the yearning to be a teacher. The desire to encourage and to share empowering stories with her kids grew stronger and stronger as she became a teenager - even after she stopped playing school every day. She talked about it and planned for it as she worked hard in high school. She found a way to get to college (lots and lots of loans) but she made it  and even did her student teaching within the four years!
There might have been a job if she was willing to pack up and give it a try the recruiter said.  Move away from her family? What about the emerging relationship? How would she be able to go to grad school? Could she afford an apartment?
She went to grad school instead. More debt, but hopes there would be jobs after.. She subbed and temped and hoped and dreamed and was disappointed again and again. She talked about another certification and about her dream that grew fainter and fainter over time. 
The dream has faded now, but there is a tiny hope that someday, someday she will get the call and follow her dream.

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Karen said...

I love the comparison of your two becoming a teacher posts - how one person dreams of being a teacher, and how one finds teaching accidentally. Life is such a quirky thing, isn't it? Two wonderful posts.