Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graphic Novels

As a kid, I was not a lover of comic books, but I read them.  I had access to LOTS off them because my just a wee bit older and wiser cousin had TONS of them and my slightly younger sister would only read them!  I knew of the adventures of Archie and Jughead as well as the tales of Superman in a stage of my life when I just loved to escape with any good tale.  The neat thing about comics was that they were "very re-readable"!  Just for the record, I also read: Bobbsey Twins (all of them); Nancy Drew (all of them); The Boxcar Children (all of them); and Cherry Ames, Student Nurse (the whole series). 
I pretty much inhaled books and thus I read them again and again and again.

Fast forward a few decades (lots of decades to be exact) and today I spent quite a while trying to find today's versions of comics for kids - graphic novels - for second grade students who find reading challenging but WANT to read graphic novel.  I'm very familiar with the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series and I've explored Sonic and Pokeman.....but I suspect there is a more !  SO, if you find this post and can suggest something, I will appreciate it - big time! 
There is only SO much $$ I am willing to spend on Pokeman books! Pokémon Adventures, Vol. 8
PS SERIOUSLY, I need to write some easy reader graphic novels this summer! 
I could be rich! 

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Jama said...

Anita, you reminded me of my love for comics when I was little. My friend's mother had collected oodles of comics and had had them bound before they came to the Philippines. We worked out a loan system like a library, and I walked over to their house every few days to trade volumes. You are right. That is a great way to entice reluctant readers! Why don't you try your hand at it. You are right, ther is a market for those,