Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rock, Gravel, Sand

My "dream" spring break would include some time with my feet in the sand; however the reality of  differing "break" weeks as well as the need to "catch up" with life has always meant that the week was quiet with a day trip or two. 
After hiking to the top of this mountain (see photo below) the other day, I was exhausted but relaxed and reflective on the prominent role of "rocks" in my life. 

We live on the top of a mountain and in addition to the boulders on the foot of our driveway, you can't dig a hole without hitting rock!  When my kids were little, they collected rocks in elaborate collections that covered their dressers and filled jars and we hiked nearby sections of the rocky Appalachian Trail regularly.  
So as I sat atop the mountain staring into this rock, gravel and sand pit the other day ( I am sure I had never seen a gravel pit from high above before), it all seemed to make sense.  Climbing a rocky mountain is a pretty effective way to relax and prepare for the challenges ahead because rocks, gravel and sand are one and the same - different forms of the same matter!  

I'm still hoping for a spring break at the beach some day; however, even if it never happens, I "get" how a lovely hike on sunny spring day gives you the same sense of renewal! 


Jama said...

Rock on, Anita. May the Rock of Ages give you rest, refreshment, and a sure foundation as you approach the coming week.

Tracey Ferreri said...

You are a true rock in my life, thanks for always being there!!