Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Be a Teacher: Family Tradition

Until he was 18, school was where he HAD to go and HAD to get enough done to assure his music lessons and access to his amplifiers.  Then, he escaped to college where he majored in music (not music education as his dad had pleaded) and partying (a major not sanctioned by the university).  He did graduate and spent 5 years with a fledgling rock band until they ran out of money and gigs.  It was during his time as an assistant manager in Starbucks that he knew where he wanted to be. The idea, pushed deep into his subconscious, was to make a difference in kids lives - to make school a place where kids like HIM would WANT to learn. 
Perhaps it was because he KNEW how much work it was to be a teacher.  His mom was ALWAYS doing lessons or correcting papers.  Perhaps it was because he KNEW how much time it took to give lessons and conduct a school orchestra. His dad had missed many a dinner and most of his Little League games thanks to his own school responsibilities. 
It was a challenge to go back when his classmates were much younger, but the masters degree in music education and a few years of subbing at his dad's school put him in the right place at the right time to be a teacher, when his dad retired. 
Just like the kings and queens of ancient times who passed along their thrones, sometimes, we are destined by our heritage to be teachers.  Other times, we do what we have lived: to be a teacher. 

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