Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Clean Car is Valuable

I really the fresh scent of a clean car; however, clean is not how I would describe my car on most days.  I spend a lot of time in my car due to my at least 60 minute (each way) commute.  I eat dry cereal, nibble on raisins, consume coffee, and sip tea while driving to and from work.  The purchase of a "new" car always leads to promises (to myself) that I will not eat cereal or drink coffee in the car.  These "new car" promises suffer the same fate as most New Year's Resolutions; thus, I'm drinking coffee within a week and eating dry cereal in 2 weeks.  After that, it's very hard to refrain from eating and drinking in the car.  Usually, once or twice a year I need to really clean the car so that I am not totally embarrassed when I give someone a ride!  The other day, I did the annual deep clean and the treasures were worth at least $390.70.  I was pretty amazed! 

  • Lots of dried pine needles (6 months old, worthless)
  • 14 empty / partially empty bottles of water ( worth .70)
  • 3 cups old dried up Cheerios (worthless)
  • 2 pairs running / walking shorts (worth at least $30)
  • 37 old gas receipts (worthless)
  • 9 shoes, 3 without partners (the partners were in my closet saving me at least $300)
  • 2 packages of dried up snacks that fell under the seat (worthless)
  • 2 sweaters, (worth at least $30)
  • Lots of old receipts from shopping at Walmart, Kmart, Sears, A & P, Stop & Shop, Hess, Dunkin Doughnuts, Stew Leonards, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Lord & Taylor, Crate & Barrel (worthless but evidence of my eclectic shopping)
  • A gift that I purchased for someone (and couldn't find at the time) for Christmas last year! (worth at least $30) 
As they say in the American Express ads, the cleaning was a valuable experience, but the look and smell of the clear car was priceless! If only it could stay clean?   


Amy Rudd said...

I so identify with needing to clean my car! The back seat especially is trashed right now with stick goo from Kam -the trunk really needs cleaned out As it's been my office for the past year! Cleaning out the car will be priceless I'm sure! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My car always feels messy, but friends who see the inside of it say that it's super clean. When I think about it, it's not that bad, but the backseat feels like a wasteland of baby hats, blankets, and stuffed toys.

Nanc said...

I loved this funny post. I guess I loved it, because someone is very much like me. I know I spill the coffee...but it is so essential. I always have mugs clinking around in the back seat. xo nanc

elsie said...

Good for you! That's the way to approach the new year.

Linda at teacherdance said...

This is so funny Anita. Those of us who commute literally use the car for an extra 'room' I think. I use my trunk to shuttle things back & forth to school, & clean it as often as I think of it, but never thought to add up the valuables found. You saved a lot! Now to begin again! Thanks for the grins!

Carol said...

Your post made me laugh! I am so right there with you- I, too, promise myself I will not drink/spill coffee and diet coke in my car, and then two weeks later… And I always have a car full of junk too, not to mention seats covered with dog hair, because the dog insists on trying every seat in the car, not just the one I covered with a sheet! AARGH!

maria.selke said...

*LAUGHS* My husband always rags on me for the mess that is my car. He doesn't end up with the kids in his nearly as often, though. (Umm... the mess is mostly mine, if I'm going to be totally honest about it)