Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucy Calkins Explores Common Core

I was thumbing through old catalogs the other day (another thing teachers do during the summer) and found this great article about the Common Core along with concrete suggestions for implementing.  I just finished reading Pathways to the Common Core (Calkins, Ehrenworth, & Lehman) but this article pretty much sums up the big picture of the book! The suggestions are  certainly worth sharing just in case you too haven't yet read the book or you missed the article in the Heineman catalog for PD!

Suggestions include:
1) Implement a spiraled, cross curricular K-12
writing workshop curriculum
2) Move students up levels of text complexity by providing
just right high interest books and time to read.
3) Prioritize argument and informational writing
4) Focus on higher order comprehension.
5) Increase cross curricular analytical reading.

Pathways to the Common Core: Accelerating Achievement

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