Monday, July 16, 2012

CCS: Media Literacy

I was thinking about media literacy as I walked early this morning.  I was thinking about how during our two-day trip to Rhode Island my husband accused ME of watching my PHONE navigator and almost missing the SIGNS for the ice cream store!  I was also thinking about how the PHONE navigator got us to Abbots in record time. I was thinking about the magnificent computer lab in my school and how teachers - all of us - need to use it more.  The computer lab, I concluded as I walked by the pond this morning, is not just for the computer teacher anymore!

Truth be told, I was also thinking about how the rain washes all the "stickiness" from the air and how it gives us a fresh start.  I was also thinking about how important these "fresh starts" are to making all that we do as educators (elementary, middle school, high school teachers, AND college professors) more relevant and accessible to our students.

Then, while drinking my coffee, I see this link to USA today on my blog friend Kevin's Twitter feed.

So, for all of us who are no lucky enough to head off the the NCTE conference and "see" in person the "new directions" our profession is headed, I am passing along the USA article and also the links Mr. Baker's blog and his brand new published book that I hope to read  That's what I was reading about this morning on my tablet after I walked with my MP3 player before I headed to the computer to write this post!   

Getting Started With Media Literacy: Easier Than You Think by Frank Baker
the USA article that spurred my morning's thinking
The Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Frank Baker's blog with "hundreds of ideas, resources, lesson plans and more about media literacy and how it fits into all subjects and disciplines".
Frank Baker's Publications
a link to Mr/ baker's publications
Frank Baker's twitter link

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