Monday, July 16, 2012

Salty Times: Reflection

It's been a long time since we "got away" for a couple of days; but one of the ways we look at our lives through a new lens is to "leave" our comfortable and familiar world for a day or two.  

I spent about 4 hours floating aimlessly in the waves and reading voraciously on the beach.  The two acts are not all that different.  Each transports you to another - very different - place than the usual world of jobs, chores, deadlines, needs and wants.  For a few hours, I was either on the hot sand in Rhode Island or in Washington on a horse ranch.     
The next day I rode at least 30 miles (not on a horse) on a fabulous rail trail that took me through diverse neighborhoods, magnificent salt marshes and restaurants that serve up a "mess" of clams for lunch. Riding (rail trails, trains, and perhaps even horses) is time when your mind does wander and reflect.  As I stood in the salt marsh (below), I could not help but think about what a tiny little piece of the world I have explored.  No wonder I can't get published: I need to travel more! 
The reward at the end of the journey was the biggest lobster I have ever shared!  It was big enough to split and still fill up two people (the oysters were pretty fabulous too) !  My heart was intent on having more steamers and mussels when I arrived, but the news story that morning about lobster got my mouth watering.  "They" were not (by the way) giving it away at Abbots in Noank; however, I hear they are "giving it away"... Stew Leonards, right here at "home"!  Hmm...perhaps we should "stay-cate" after our "va-cate" to help the local economy?

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