Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pinterest vs 3x5 cards

Back in the ol' days, when I was a newbie teacher, we collected teaching and classroom organization ideas on 3x5 cards - no kidding. We read magazines, like Mailbox, that are now available in a far more expanded digital form.  Many of those magazines no longer exist - because we can get SO MUCH MORE so much faster AND organize it out here on the digital universe. 
This morning, I found Pinterest.  I must admit I thought Pinterest was for crafting ideas until I followed a few links.  Now, I have had a change of mind because - THIS SITE IS AMAZING! 
Check out just a few links to start!
I long ago stopped collecting 3/x cards with ideas but most of them were floating around on papers or in files on my computer.  NOW, I know where to put and share ideas.  The part that I like the best about all this?  The sharing.  Teaching is no longer a closed door operation.  We are putting ourselves out there every day.  As the research is finding, it's interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills in the 21st century!  And, although a fabulously decorated classroom does NOT equal effective teaching, many of us (me included) need to do a little more "decorating" in order to assure our classrooms reflect what we plan to make happen in them!
So if you happen to read this blog and if you have a pinterest "wall" please let me know so I can follow you!   
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