Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wonder (R.J.Palacio) : My Review of a Wonderful Book!

WonderI've been seeing it on lists and reading rave reviews for nearly four months; however, I decided it was more for "older kids" and didn't rush to read it. Recently, I forwarded a list of "great classroom reads" to a new teacher and decided I really didn't want to recommend a book I had not yet read.  Then, to add insult to injury, this new teacher had already read Wonder!  It moved to the top of my list.

Reading it was easy.  I read it during the Olympics and in the morning when I should have been working.  I read it after I should have gone to bed.  It is well written and compelling story about a fifth grade boy with significant facial deformities that makes you think more about yourself than you do about him!   

The reviews I read earlier suggested it should be required reading for every middle school student because it makes you think about friendship and empathy.  It would be a great book to discuss in a literature circle because there is so much to talk about: characters, voice, discrimination, bullying, growing up, what each of us would do in that situation.  I also think it is a great story to start off the year in any 3rd through 6th grade classroom because it provides a framework for discussing the many small and large discriminatory practices that emerge in any community of people.

In time, some of the contemporary references to Justin Bieber and Star Wars movies might make it seem a bit dated.  In time, there will probably be a movie made about this book.  In time, everyone will know the "story" and the book will become a reference of how each of us we can make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others based on what we say and do. 

For those of you who like me were slower on the reading of this book, you can order it here:
The Author's website:
Some of the many rave reviews:

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