Sunday, July 22, 2012

Through The Eyes of a Child

We had been waiting for a "beach day" at our local State Park since the beginning of the summer.  It seemed like every Friday was a "busy one" for one of us or the other.  Finally, we had a Friday dedicated to the cause.  As the temperature soared near 100 during the middle of the week, I, at least, eagerly awaited wading in the cool lake water and sharing my sand castle building skills.
However, those blistering hot days were followed inevitably, at the end of the week, by some much needed cooler and rainy weather, ending the beach day plan as well as anything else outside!  We headed to a local children's museum and the gift, for me, was to see the exhibits through the eyes of children.
When my own kids were little, I was probably too busy watching them to really notice the interactions and what gives kids pleasure.  The "gift" of being a "great" auntie is that I get to enjoy every minute and remember what makes kids "tick."  Just in case you might have forgotten, when you are four, it's the little things that matter, like signing your name on the Declaration of Independence and dotting the "i" with vigor and gusto. 

Truth be told, I also had a lot of fun at the museum.  The locally found mastedon was pretty neat and the bubble maker was wonderful, too!  We even got the see a Terra Cotta Warrior without going into Manhattan.

Plus, I found a "setting" that really added a fabulous chapter to my summer writing.

To borrow a from a Judith Viorst title, It Was a Wonderful, Terrific, Funfilled, Interesting, New Adventure Filled Day.

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