Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book Review: Twenty

I just finished the book, Twenty, written by my colleague,Mark Milstein. Like many of us, Mark has a "secret" life as a writer doing what he preaches for his students to do. 
I struggled at the beginning with the premise of how it would feel to be "young" and yet have the maturity of "time." Then in the middle, it was hard to see where the story would go. Then, I got near the end and I absolutely fell in love with Marty and the premise that, given the chance, we might be able to use the wisdom we have earned to "right our wrongs" and "be even better." It is indeed a love story that appeals to readers to treasure those they love and to keep their focus on what is important. Mark's message comes through loud and clear. "Old love" - even with all its warts - is special and wonderful.

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