Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3 and I'm Crazy For You #Slice 2013

We went to see Crazy for You,
Not on The Broadway, but tucked away in Webatuck.
One of many high school seasonal productions
Teaching lifelong lessons, creating strong bonds, building teamwork capacity,
They've been planning, preparing, organizing, wondering,
Thinking, dreaming, anticipating 
Since last year's show.
They've been rehearsing, dancing, tapping, singing, learning lines
Obsessing over details, worrying about costumes,
Building sets, adapting costumes, learning dance moves,
Hoping to bring "the house down."
Staying late, getting up early, coming home exhausted
For months and months and months.
Breaking a sweat with endless hours of practice,
Hoping to "break a leg,"
Students during the day, Tess, Polly and Bobby at night,
Teachers by day, executive producers and musicians at night.
Little sleep, repeating scenes, endless tap routines,
Complicated dance steps, notes that are hard to find ,
The crescendo of hopes, dreams and emotions,
Erupt into three days of magical excitement.
Moms, dads, relatives, friends,
Lovingly, proudly watching the fruits of their labors,
Teachers thinking beyond the CCSS and APPR
Making a difference
Earning a moment of well deserved glory.
Little children sitting at the edge of their seats,
Hoping some day to share in such wonder and joy.
Tess said it best,
You're the middle of a number...
You've practiced it a million times... 
The crowd starts SCREAMING and cheering.
Nothing else can even remotely compare...
It's absolute magic!


Anonymous said...
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Delightful. I would have loved to see the performance.

Ramona said...

You captured so well the hours that lead up to the three hours of magical excitement. This is the memory that will linger with those students forever.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

The crescendo of hopes, dreams and emotions,
Erupt into three days of magical excitement.
That is exactly what theater is all about for our kids - so glad that you were able to share the joy!

asingleton516 said...

My Day 3 Post :)

Mrs. Rowe said...

Oh the excitement of a high school production! That was my life for four years. I lived and breathed theater in our little high school auditorium. How awesome of you to go out and support them!!!

Amy Rudd said...

How awesome!it makes me think of another thespian performance that could be a slice!