Sunday, March 24, 2013

#SLice of Life 2013 #25 0f 31 Imagine You're 90

You're finishing the crossword
Reflecting on the years,
Life has changed.

You remember wagons
Bringing milk cans to the dairy,
You remember a first car,
Big brother George's
You remember wood stoked
Furnaces, stoves,
Home grown foods,
Homemade bread, cakes, pies.
You remember rural electricity,
How life changed.

You remember selling the farm
Moving to Brooklyn
Becoming a career girl
Busy days at the Dime,
Happy birthday wishes for my Aunt GertYielding to quiet days
With movies, puzzles, soaps.

You remember
Him, what almost was,
What might have been,
The war, sadness,
The cars, coats, clothes,
The subways, plays, movies.

You remember siblings,
All nine now passed,
You remember friends,
All now passed,
You remember today,
She'll bring cake, smile, sing,
You'll say. "I don't celebrate,"
You'll smile, laugh, celebrate.

You remember
You have your teeth
Your health,  your marbles,
Bills to pay, the Daily News to read,
Lifetime movies to watch
Yankee games ahead.

You remember the flowers
Resting on the table,
Celebrate you,
Wanna have fun,
What a ride,
Imagine you're 90.



maria.selke said...

Amazing to think about all the changes she has seen! My husbands grandmother celebrates her 104th this year... and she still lives on her own.

Lee Ann Spillane said...

What a ride, indeed! I love the smiling pictures. The line "you have your teeth" nearly made me weep.

Stacey said...

A life well lived (and still going). What a wonderful poem. It really made me think about how I want to live now so that I can look back fondly on my past when I, too, am 90.

b said...

This poem connects to me because my two grandmothers are turning 90 this year as well. My thoughts have drifted around the changes they've collected over the years...but have never quantified them like you did today. Thanks for sharing! So beautiful.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Wow...what a lovely way to remember a rich and full life!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Wow...what a lovely way to remember a rich and full life!