Tuesday, March 19, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 #19 0f 31The Germ X Massage

I must admit, I have never had a "professional" massage; however, I have been told, by those who have, that a mani-pedi (I have been there) is to a massage what a McDonald's playground is to Disney World!

Anyway, late one afternoon, I found myself talking to some students about de-stressing.  One student asked if I was talking about "yoga massage."   Faster than a speeding bullet, the student ran over to the Germ-X jug and faster than you can say "yoga" he was showing me how to massage fingers and palms to "relax" and slow down.  I must admit, it felt pretty relaxing, in a one-eye-always-on-the-students-wondering-what-is-coming-up-next-teacher-kind-of-way, but the drying effects of generous Germ-X on the palms has left my hands in a desert-like condition!
Yet, this whole experience makes me wonder about massage:
  • Is there any research on the use of massage as a means of  de-stressing with kids?
  • How do masseuses keep their hands moisturized?
Have YOU ever had a Germ-X palm-assage? 


Amy Rudd said...

One of the teachers I work with told me that if you rub your thumb of your opposing hand into the middle palm of your right hand that it has a calming affect as it engages both sides of the brain. I don't know if this is true or not but worth a try...

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Well, you learn something new every day, and I just did! Every year, my kids give me a gift certificate to get a massage, and every year I fail to follow through. But I like your McDonald's/Disney analogy...maybe it is time?

Jackie said...

I have had massages...but not in some time. They are worth it. I loved how the student jumped up to demonstrate...and your thought process while it was happening. Jackie

Ms. Diller said...

I've never had a palm-massage via child, however there IS research that foot massages release toxins in the body. I recently discovered a great foot reflexology place that does an hour for only $35!

megansmith25 said...

I love the germ-x massage! So funny. It would be interesting to see if massages would de-stress the kids...I'm picturing a parade of masseuses coming into my never know in my district! ;-)