Sunday, March 3, 2013

GGWP The Juxtaposition of Teaching

I am very lucky to spend Thursday evenings with some great grad students who are some of the most best our profession will even know!
This poem....from one of them is too good not to share.

What People Think I Do vs. What I Really Do
I arrive at school right on time and throw something together.

I arrive at school over an hour early, finalizing my plans.

In class I sit at my desk, while my kids complete worksheets.

I am on my feet the entire period, delivering direct instruction.

I give a direction and the children get right to it.

I give a direction ten times, and then the children do it with assistance.

I teach 10 kids so I am so lucky.

I teach 10 kids with disabilities, so I am lucky.

During lunch, I sit with my coworkers and gossip.

During lunch, I eat with my coworkers for half a period before it is time to get back to work.

I order my assistant around all day.

I mentor my assistant all day, everyday.

I go home at 3:30 done for the day.

I go home at 5:30, and am up until 11:30 preparing, reviewing, reflecting.

My job is easy, so I love it.

My job is challenging, so I love it.

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asingleton516 said...

I'm honored to be published on your blog! Thanks Dr. Ferreri!! :)