Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 # 20 of 31 Nobody wants to write, talk, or even think about it

I have never written about this subject and I avoid talking about it. To be honest, nobody wants to write, read, talkor even think about it; so I understand if you just switch to another blog, right now.  However, I really feel the need to write about it today, sort of a PSA (public service announcement!)

It has the potential to alter the course of an illness that has changed the course of lives.  It's not a "walk in the park" (more like a wild ride over rapids) but it's powerful and it might save your life!  My first time, was shortly after my brother's diagnosis. He was strong and healthy, in the prime of his life, when he got the dreaded diagnosis.  Thanks to its search and seizure mission, I am teaching, learning, loving and writing this blog! 

Nobody wants to talk about,
Nobody wants to think about,
Nobody wants to do it,
Eat jello for a day?
Drink white grape juice?
(I seriously prefer fermented juice)
If your doctor says "it's time,"
Take a "day,"
Get a colonoscopy!


Carol said...

Thanks for this important reminder!

maria.selke said...

Well said! It'll be time for me before too long... and I will do it!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Sigh...thanks for the reminder! No one want to talk about it or think about it...but it's important.

Jackie said...

Haha! I thought you were talking about the universal "it." Just like yada yada yada . . . "it" can refer to so many different mysterious topics.

Julie said...

I've put IT off for too long....kinda scared, but I really must do it. Thanks for the post and reminder.

Judy said...

So important and definitely not a thing we like to think or talk about. I've got a few more years before I need to have it again.

Deb Gaby said...

This is great...should be posted in doctors' offices!