Friday, March 29, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 #29 of 31 A Good Friday to Reflect

Good Friday meant prepare,
Dresses to sew, pants to hem,
Shop for food, candy, socks,
Clean every inch of your home,
Cooked lasagna, meatballs, lemon meringue pies,
Boil eggs, order canolis, consider rumbabas,
Bake ricotta pie.  
Lives change,
Lost loved ones,
Families grow and change,
New traffic patterns,
Morphed plans,
So we
Waited for pasta,
Walked the High Line,
Hit the Orchid Show
Prayed at the Cathedral
Lived in spite of loss,
Loved in spite of sadness,
Reflected on the past,
Looked to the future,
Created new traditions
As families do.   



elle1955 said...

Lived in spite of loss
Loved in spite of sadness
There is a message there for me. I am trying.

Chris H. said...

My favorite lines are the same sd Elle 's. And it's true that we make our own traditions. Those are just as special...just different.

newtreemom said...

Lots of fun, clicking all the links! But tis the message that will stay on my mind:
Loved in spite of sadness,
Reflected on the past,
Looked to the future,
Created new traditions
As families do.

Thanks for the lovely words!

Tracey Ferreri said...

Beautifully written. Will miss seeing you. Hugs and love always.

Amy Rudd said...

I agree with the other comments-beautifully written and I liked the same lines-living in spite of loss and loving in spite of sadness!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

This is where we are as a family, too - and there is something to be said for these new traditions, which seem to be rather elastic and free form, but lovely never the less. PS. Love the Highline!

Lee Ann Spillane said...

This section "Lived in spite of families do" resonates. Sad acceptance and a step into the future is what your piece said to me this morning.

Stacey said...

Oh, the High Line! That sounds like a nice way to spend the day in spite of everything else. You're creating new traditions as we speak.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Anita.

Jaana said...

<> These are the lines resonate with me today as well.

Donna said...

Loved this! And new traditions are just as valid and important as the old!