Friday, March 22, 2013

#SliceofLife2013 #22of31 Wise Words From my Favorite Doctor

Over on Julie Johnson's blog (on day 3?), I saw this image.  I saved it to my "quotes" file and have been thinking of  how it is a powerful metaphor for teaching, learning, and living.          

I thought of Geissel's quote:
When I was missed the Teacher's College Reunion,
I should know it "all" ?
When I discussed a lesson with a colleague,
A master teacher, she wanted to know what I thought?
She should know it all ?
When I signed up for a workshop or two,
On line, on Saturday, over vacation,
I won't get a raise, or in service credits,
I should know it all ?

I thought of his wisdom, today:
When I heard an idea I had forgotten!
When I heard a brand new idea.
I should know it all?
When a grad students wrote about professional sharing!
When I wrote, "Please remember to share with me!" 
I should know it all?

I thought of his prophecy
When my mother read another book in 2 days,
When she said, "It's the best I have ever read!"
She should have read it all?
When she squealed as I unpacked the bag of new books.

I think of his prophecy 
As I look longingly at the stack of books,
Waiting patiently to take me
Where my mother has been,
Where struggling readers thrive
Where I've forgotten the landscape
In the vacations days ahead
The more you know,
The more aware
You never know it all.


Melanie Meehan said...

Isn't that the truth that the more you know, the more you realize how much you don't know. It's a great poem and maybe the follow up should be how much you do know! I bet you don't give yourself enough credit.

Anonymous said...

How true! I find that out when I think I know quite a bit about a topic I am teaching, and a student asks a thoughtful question that I am not sure I know how to answer! I've learned to say, "I want to make sure I give you the right answer. Can I get back to you tomorrow?" Then, I do!

Terje said...

Enjoy your vacation and reading.

dmurph08 said...

I love the idea of the books taking you where your mother has already been. Sigh, I really love that image. Writing it in my notebook - thanks!!

Chris H. said...

I think the idea of "mastering" teaching is unique to the U.S. Many other cultures know that we cannot master something that is so dynamically evolving with students who are so different and whose needs morph before our eyes... better to realize that you will never know it all but can keep learning and doing your best day by day.

Julie Johnson said...

Thank you for your kind words you left on my blog. They meant a lot to me. It's so true...the more we know, the more realize that there is always so much more to learn. Maybe it has more to do with gaining life experiences and knowing that we can never know everything.

I am always telling my fourth graders, "You know, I'm not sure about that. Let's figure that out together." They know that I am learning right alongside them.

Andrea said...

I love the use of repetition in this poem and the way you come back to that idea of books taking you places. Enjoy reading over your vacation!

Deborah Bussewitz said...

Powerful lines:

As I look longingly at the stack of books,
Waiting patiently to take me
Where my mother has been

Thanks for this compelling poem!