Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 # 31 of 31 So many thoughts

Biscotti and pizzagiana are ready,
Eggs colored in organic food colors,
Dark chocolate bunnies ready to go,
Mousse, pumpkin, lemon meringue present,
Soft foods, Italian foods, options for all.
Carrots, asparagus ready to cook,
Seeds, garden gloves and dog beds
From the Rabbit
House vacuumed,
Dust bunnies scattered,
Tiny flowers, signs of great love,
Arranged, table set,
Visits, reflection, prayers
Those I love, those in need,
Catch up with family,
Last SOL post written.
I'll be back at school
Extra minutes on the treadmill
Life returns to "normal,"
I'll put away dishes,
I'll start a new Scrabble game
I'll work on my IEPs
I'll probably be observed :)
I'll catch up on SOLs
(Missed a few, I was cooking)
I'll say a prayer of Thanksgiving
For the Easter miracle,
For the blessing of Family,
And, for this SOL experience,
I'll start Tuesday's SOL post!



Tracey Ferreri said...

Happy Easter Auntie. Love to you and the rest of the family, hugs!!

BK said...

What a rich day to begin. Yes, it's your last March Slice but see you Tuesday, Anti.
Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Dust bunnies go; Easter bunny comes.

Jackie said...

Yes, tomorrow begins a new month and back to 'normal' but I hope you continue to write on Tuesdays. Your words are powerful. Jackie

Amy Rudd said...

You've been so are also very dedicated! Thanks for your inspiring posts and also your kind comments!

Amy Rudd said...

Ps love the added verse on Barry's parody!

Melanie Meehan said...

Love the peek into your family and how you celebrate Easter, mostly because I appreciated what the Easter bunny brought. Chocolate is good but seeds, gardening gloves and fresh dog beds are great. Nothing like a fresh pair of garden gloves. Thanks for all of the support and comments throughout the month. You really helped me be a brave writer.I'll see you Tuesday!