Monday, March 18, 2013

#Slice of Life 2013 #18 of 31 Sumter, Winning, Sprummer?

I confess, I have this poster in my classroom and have used it to help students understand the seasons  but I am taking it down due to  Blurred Seasons.  Seriously, I think we need to rethink how we talk about seasons!   All of us...teachers, parents, and especially stores! Let me try to explain:

Wool sweaters, long puffy coats,
Lined pants, long sleeved tops,
The kids need back-to school clothes
It's 90 degrees outside
But it's winter in Target,
Perhaps we should call it Sumter?
Sleeveless dresses and shorts,
Lawnmowers, grills, lawn chairs
Soccer, lacrosse, and baseball bags are packed
Yet, sleet and freezing rain are forecast
The shovels are gone
It's spring in Home Depot,
Perhaps we should call it Winning?

The seasons have blurred
New words emerge,
Sumter, Winning, Sprummer, 
Summum, Faller, Falling?
I'll let tell Webster.


Amy Rudd said...

Cute thinking here Anita! You are funny! I agree that stores blur the seasonal lines to a ridiculous point these days...

What to do? What to do?

Catherine said...

Very clever! I'd be happy to have a little winning right now. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Fun play with words and thinking about how the stores are way ahead of the seasons.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I'm all for sleeveless dresses and summer shorts...especially since they are calling for snow again tonight! Love the humor in your point of view!

Delilah said...

I like your new seasons! It's so true, retailers are confusing our seasons! I saw 4th of July decorations last week--it's not officially spring yet!

dmurph08 said...

I love this!! The word play is brilliant, and the concept is so, so true!! I get so frustrated by this - I go shopping for clothes for my kids for the current season, only to find out I"m way too late. Or too early??
I love this idea so much - it's summer in Target - makes me smile. :) I'm sure I'll repeat your words to someone! Thanks!

Chris H. said...

How about how winter/Christmas stuff shows up in the fall... "Falter"?

Ms. Diller said...

What a great insight. I had a student tell it was was Sprinter (Spring/Winter) the other week. She already seems to get this concept...