Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#SLice of Life 2013 #27 of 31 On and Off the Big White Way

The Big White Way is neither a "cheap treat" nor a spot for the meek of spirit; however, it is a destination spot that rivals Disneyworld for excitement for those on spring "break!" I was there in a relentless cold rain that eventually soaked through my winter coat and infiltrated my sweater.  I was in a "coveted position" at the head of the TKTS line where discounted tickets awaite those willing to stand in line!  In spite of my attempts to keep the blood moving, I stood so long on a cold patch of concrete that me feet, although ensconced in winter boots, could barely move when they finally opened the red line barricading the ticket window.  My gloves, warm in the winter days, had become soaked with rain and my fingers had grown white making it almost impossible to lay money on the counter! 
I do not get to the "city" often, so there were MANY plays and musicals that I wanted to see ( I would have seen anything on or off Broadway!).  I had settled on the much ballyhooed Spiderman; however, even the 50% discounted price made those tickets out of reach for a teacher!  At the advice of one of the red-jacketed TKTS line controllers, I went with an unknown play and hoped for the best. is as they say, the "grown ups prequel" to Peter Pan.  I did NOT realize this until the second half of the play; however, for 3 hours, I laughed until my sides ached and my heart filled with gratitude for the actors who played their hearts out for me (and a full house of grateful guests!)  They, like those sharing the show were neither famous nor ballyhooed; yet this wonderful  parody was a fabulous ride with actors who connected with their audience, magnificently delivered innuendos that kept you on your toes, and sincere laughter to carry me through the season of testing and teaching ahead!  

It's a little embarrassing to admit what I found as I did a little Google searching but this play is based on a children's book (by Dave Barry)!  (Sigh!) Even if I, an elementary school literacy specialist, cannot deduct the cost of the tickets and the costs of my treatment for pneumonia from my taxes next year, it was worth every penny and every moment in the rain.  While Florida and Disneyworld are great, there is nothing quite like a night on or off the Big White Way to put joy in your heart and spirit in your step.        



Julie Johnson said...

I love NYC. I've only been once, but it was so fun. My husband and I got tickets to see a play we had not heard of before too, and had a wonderful time. I hope the rest of your trip keeps you warm and toasty. :)

Anonymous said...

I love going to the theater, but I've never been to any in NYC. Some day...

BK said...

What a great piece on what a true theater lover would be willing to put up with to get to a show. FYI... Theatermania offers discounts online- no lines.
Peter and the Starcatcher was a big hit and won lots of Tonys.
I saw it early in its run with a good friend. I was missing Mary Martin...but the Wendy was great!

Melanie Meehan said...

Isn't it amazing how much talent there is in all of the shows? Even the ones that you've never heard of are full of people who have trained all of their lives. I also love the deals--can never believe how much tickets sell for, but I guess people pay for them. We're heading into the city on Friday--can't wait!