Saturday, March 3, 2012

SOL 3 I'm the fastest "flipper"

"Phew, I'm tired," the 7 year old sighed as he settled into the pillow to read a comic."
"I know what you mean," his friend said supportingly, "She's so fast."
"I mean you just can't even breathe she is so fast."
 "I bet she's the fastest flipper in the whole world."
"She's faster than Superman."
"She's faster than lightning,"
"She's faster than my dad."
"She's faster than anybody."
"She's so fast she makes my hands fall off."
"Phew, I'm tired."
"Wanna read with me?"

While some get mugs reassuring themselves they are the "best" or the "greatest," I might be infamous as the "fastest" flipper around.  It's a skill that I have worked on for many years and the kids I overheard discussing my prowess were right - I am pretty fast at the word card reading and sorting activity we do to build automaticity! 

For those of you who don't spend your day supporting struggling readers and writers using multisensory techniques (Wilson, Fundations type programs), you'll have to practice this skill at home.  I suspect you could use a few packs of 3x5 cards (that is what I use) or perhaps a few old deck of cards. 

I do at least have this one item to brag about, among Fundations word card reading and sorting teachers I might just be the "fastest flipper."    However, now that I am making my prowess public, it is possible that someone might read this and might want to challenge my title.  I say, "Bring it on!"

I'm the fastest flipper!


Dogtrax said...

Love the dialogue that you captured, you fearless flipper. I'm still not sure of what you were doing, though. What is on the cards?

Anita Ferreri said...

I was trying to work on engaging MY readers by "showing" not "telling" with this post!
However, I can let YOU in on what I do.
I work with kids who find learning to read challenging and one of the activities we do to support more "automatic" reading of words is to write one word on each 3x5 card. The "fat stack" grows and I hold up 2 cards simutaneousy for 2 kids (on separate sides of the table) to read as fast as they can. If they get it right they get to "hold the card and get another one. If they get it wrong, it goes back to the stack to try again. Then, when we reread ir "sort" the stack by whatever factors we are studying (today it was nouns or verbs (things or action words). Now that I am rereading this, it sounds pretty confusing so here is what I will do. I will do another post with a "video" clip for another "slice" of some kids doing a word sort!

Terje (grade4wizard) said...

You are the fastest flipper. Wear the title with pride. Your card flipping makes a positive change and an everlasting impression on the kids.

Jen said...

Those boys were sure impressed! It's great to make building automaticity a game and also how you balanced automaticity with authentic reading experiences, cozy reading experiences I might add!

elsie said...

So does this flipping skill cross over to card dealing? I loved the conversation at the beginning. The amazement came through. What a talent!

Bets's Blog said...

I will echo Elsie, I too love the dialogue. The "fastest flipper!" I can see this in action and am sure it requires a certain amount of intensity. Keep flippin'