Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOL 21 My husband thinks I might have SCRIPTURIENT

I'm sure you have heard that people who live together for a long time start to look or act alike!      While our physical and political attributes are still quite different, my husband, the engineer, is starting (after many years) to really appreciate words

"Interesting add to your blog," read yesterday's email.  "At first, I wasn't quite sure why he was sending me a link for a poster of the word, scripturient selling for $160. I read the poster again and noticed the definition: processing a violent desire to write!

Dear husband,
While I am pretty confident that my desire to write is not violent, I will admit this SOL thing has become a bit of a compulsion! I went looking for a a word that describes a compulsion to write for a community of writers that you will likely never meet.  I think I found that word: blog. 


Dogtrax said...

There's a new word that I didn't know before.

Judy said...

Aren't husbands wonderful! Love the word - Scripturient. Violent - NO, Compulsive - YES. Thanks for sharing.

JenniferM said...

hahaha, hilarious! (And a new word for me as well!) My husband is an engineer too, and also does not quite understand the writing thing. :-) (Especially the part where I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and just HAVE to get it down on paper or I can't go back to sleep!)

maria.selke said...

That is too funny!

My hubby is also my tech support. (He fixes my blog when it goes 'bye bye')

I didn't know he was reading my posts at all until he commented on my FB link one day, and then noticed that the link was broken another day. Kinda sweet :)

Anne said...

Oh Anita I agree that violent is too strong a word but not sure compulsion is quite strong enough. I had been giving some thought to this strange affliction that is affecting people around the globe. I've been noting the symptoms in my notebook. Thanks for igniting the idea to blog it. (maybe tomorrow)

Tara said...

So that's what I have! Glad to know there's a name for it!!