Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SOL 28 Lost and Found

                                                   Lost and Found
In my school,this catch-all place is in a corner of the cafeteria.  It's filled with sweaters, hats, gloves, lunchboxes and more.  I wonder what parents think when a sweater, hat, glove, or lunchbox does not return home?

In my kitchen, it's the first drawer after the pantry where odd pieces of string, twisty ties and paper clips intermingle with scissors and pencils.  It's where you put stuff because you don't really have a place for it until you need it!

In my computer, there are deep recesses disguised as folders that suck up files.  "Download CQ78Rcg," it said the other day...and it might of well have said..."you'll never find me again," unless you save me to your C, D, A, and B drives.  I usually have to call in my husband, the great hunter, to find missing files; thus, I TRY to avoid losing files!   

My new tablet computer, Monet, is tiny and barely a centimeter thick; however, she appears to have the biggest lost and found in the world.  Incredibly, she saves things in the clouds! 

That book that went missing the other day?  It's been found!  I guess it got lost as I searched the virtual stores in the clouds.  I must have shopped in the Google Play "store" even though I THOUGHT I was in the Amazon "store."   In some ways, this tablet might even make finding lost books "easier" as they are not hidden in the couch cushions nor are they lost in the blankets.  They are not mixed in with the daily news papers; they are just lost in the clouds.  In some way, that all seems very appropriate....when I am reading a really good book, I often get lost in the clouds!


Jen said...

You gotta love the concept of a cloud. I just was told that I'm waaaay over my GBs on the server, so I'm figuring out how to save to the cloud - tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Anne said...

I don't need to wonder what parents say when an item does not return home - I have said the lot!
I have used a dropbox for cyber storage and find it fantastic for all those rarely used but can't bare to part with folders (bit like my old filing cabinet in the shed thinking about it)

Cathy said...

I have actually loved the cloud as it keeps me so much more organized. Glad what was lost is now found.

Jama said...

I am with you Anita.. I have not yet taken time to understand the.Cliud, but it is something I am going to have to figure out eventually.