Friday, March 23, 2012

SOL 23 Promises

 Green shoots from the resting earth,
Pink and white signs of the future.
Small reminders of renewal after rest,
Hiding during dark and gloomy days.

Perhaps it's the strife and discontent,
Perhaps it's the angst of so many,
Whatever the reason,
Tiny signs, promises.


Anne said...

Your poem of spring signs has made the signs of approaching winter more real here - Your poem certainly made me reflect.

Lisa said...

I love that poem. Thanks for sharing.

elsie said...

Promises, that's what I love about spring. You've captured that nicely in your poem. I hope conferences went well. Now you can rest.

Jen said...

I can almost smell sprin in the air when I read "Green shoots from the resting earth," Nice contrast with the strife and angst too!