Saturday, March 31, 2012

SOL 31 Reflection

At first,
 I was
Could I do it?
Scared of being noticed
Sure I would get distracted by life
Afraid I would not have enough to say
Worried that no one would like my writing
Concerned that there would not be enough time
Anxious that my writing would not be as good as others

A month later,
I am
Excited about writing
Empowered by other writers
Proud that I wrote every day!
Aware of the little events of my life
Sure about the need to write regularly
Transformed into a more confident writer
Very happy that I completed the challenge
Cyberfriends with writers all over the globe
Confident that we all have writers inside us
Grateful that I decided to give this a try
Ready to start finding a publisher
Ready to catch up on laundry!
Looking forward to Tuesday. 
Anxious to write again
A SOL survivor
Begins a new challenge
April's Slice Off Me (SOM)
Exercise my muscles every day
Work on getting in shape
Lose a few pounds
I guess, I like


Wanda Brown said...

"A SOL survivor"

Someone needs to make a badge with this phrase on it:) We can all put it on our blogs:)

I enjoyed reading your posts Anita.

Juliann in WA said...

Love this visual word picture and best of luck to you on your April challenge!

Terje (grade4wizard) said...

I like the shape play. Such a positive reflection. Good luck with your new challenge. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

elsie said...

I love the way you traveled through the month with your thinking. Now you are ready to start anew. Good for you!

Dana said...

Lovely shape to this slice. I enjoyed reading your reflecting on this month. Congratulations!

Jaana said...

I have loved coming to visit your blog! I want a background like your on my blog..Have to work on it during spring break.
I just bought my "fitbit" to try get in shape. Onward on the April challenge!

BK said...

I'm with you for April. And thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments at my place. What a way to spend a month of March!

Jen said...

We did it! Congratulations you sound so strong in your poem. It gives me courage to carry on! Thank you for your encouraging words - Hope to see you Tuesdays!

Amy Rudd said...

Your shape looks like a lamp to me when I view your blog. Don't know if you meant for that to be but I was thinking-if so, was this month of writing a light's on moment? Loved reading your slices! Good luck with your new challenge!

Alan Wright said...

Anita, loved the words and shapes you created. You are to be congratulated on your spirited particiaption in the SOLSC. Your feedback has been much appreciated and your honesty as a writer is acknowledged. New challenges draw us forward. I wish you continued good fortune in your new quest.

Ramona said...

I told my daughter today that if I could write every day in March, I should be able to exercise every day in April. I love your visual. It's so hard to make time for ourselves. Good luck with your new challenge!

The Purple Lady said...

It has been lovely participating with you in the SOLSC. I am glad to be connected with you now.

Tara said...

Love the 's been wonderful slicing with you.