Sunday, March 18, 2012

SOL 18 Real Men Cradle Infants on Facebook

His image on Facebook spurred memories so different that it made my head spin. Cradling his infant daughter in the crook of his arm, he smiled the kind of smile you think about all day. It was not an ear-to-ear-cat-got-the-mouse smile but rather a this-is-what-life-is-all-about smile.  He pretty much looked like he was destined for fatherhood all his life! 

I sat remembering the pudgy teenager in a football uniform.  He was a kind soul even then; quiet, respectful and grateful for the rides I offered and the Wendy's trips I sponsored.  At one point,  he offered a solution for a car problem even though he did not yet drive.

I remembered that kid's father screaming about "hitting hard" and "blocking harder," rather than embracing approximation of grid iron greatness.  I remember feeling sorry for that kid as I sat in the stands.  His mom, appeared to be a kind soul herself, although she rarely said a word.
I have wondered about that kid over the years and mentioned his name when I read the father's obituary a few months ago.  He lived down south, i was told, and worked as a mechanic.  Married his high school sweetheart, he was doing just fine.  In fact, they were having a baby!

So, I guess it was destiny that I his image appeared on a social network. His smile made my day.  I don't think I ever saw his father smile like that; yet, I hope he was proud of his son. I don't think I ever saw his mother smile either; however, I am think she might just smile that same smile if that image popped up on her Facebook.

I wish I had known back then what I know now.  I might tell him, right there in the stands, that manhood is not determined by how hard you hit.  Real men gently cradle their children and glow with love at their every achievement and moment of's a love that is as deep as the ocean and as wide as they sea....a love they could never have imagined when they were trying to "hit 'em hard " and "hold that line"! 


Tara said...

It seems this young man figured it all out for himself somehow...what a sweet picture that must have been to see!

Amy Rudd said...

Beautiful post and so true...lovely use of imagery to evoke feelings. It made me think of my husband holding our children when they were born...

Beth said...

L love the lines in your closing paragraph.