Monday, March 26, 2012

SOL 26 Some Learning Required

My new toy is dangerous.  Late Saturday, I downloaded a book, Some Assembly Required for 12.99. I read voraciously that evening and I would be reading right now....except I can't seem to find the book!

It used to be that I had a LIST of books to borrow or buy.....time passed...and often they were loaned to me.....I bought books and loaned them to others.....I see all this changing...but at least I will be helping the e-economy!  Specially if I have to order NEW books because I can't find the old ones!

Hold on world...I hope to figure out this App thing when I am no longer consumed by my SOL challenge and I have a little more time.

Could get expensive.
A bookstore with disappearing books
Just a few clicks away
Late at night
After hours
Some Learning Required 

 Order date: Mar 24, 2012 10:46:44 PM
 Google order number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Qty                               1
Item                              Some Assembly Required
Price                             $12.99


Linda at teacherdance said...

Anita, thank you for my 'letter'. Wouldn't it be fun to surprise your mom with a letter?! Your post is fun, and I didn't realize a book could be lost among the e-atmosphere. I did get an IPad but have had little time to fully explore. I'm glad you mentioned this so I'll be wary now. (I thought I heard someone say that you could get it again if you've already bought it.) Best wishes in the search!

Carol said...

Uh-oh! I have a Kindle that I have used for a couple of years, that I actually like, when I remember to use it and when it has not been a while, so I can still figure it out. I have an iPad, but have not used it as an ereader. I'm nervous now about switching over. But I really want to read Ann LaMott's latest. She's coming to Denver this week, and I'm thinking I will go. You can't get a ticket unless you buy the actual hard cover book though! So I have to buy it, right?

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I use my iPad as an e-reader all the time! I use the iBooks app, so I can't loan out or borrow books. I've never had the problem of a book disappearing, but I have had books missing pages! I simply deleted the book and redownloaded it. Since I'd already paid for it, it didn't charge me a second time. It downloaded and was complete. I hope this helps! :)

Jennifer K.

Donna said...

I love my iPad as a reader, and also have the Kindle app on it. I really don't read any other way now. No dust. No sneezing. It's reKindled my desire to read! The only question I have is how to get an author to sign a copy of my ebook!

Jama said...

Anita, it is not gone. Just misplaced. It won't cost you to download it again. I know what you mean, though. I am still learning the ropes, too. With the Cloud, there is so much more to learn.

BK said...

Ipad all the way! It was so easy for me to give up the real book. MAybe too easy :)

BK said...

I just downloaded a sample :)