Thursday, March 29, 2012

SOL 29 It's Readers Theater Time

My sister-in-law was full of advice - but most of time she did not tell me what to do - she showed me. She showed me how to put a Sunday dinner on the table for 15 people in 20 minutes without having a breakdown.  She showed me how to recycle stale bread for hungry teenagers. She showed me how to do a butterfly bandage and avoid a trip to the ER.

I think of her..

When I talk to my young writers.
I need to show them.
I remind then to show me with details.

When I talk to my grad students.
I can't just lecture.
I need to show them what an engaged classroom looks like!

There will be a host of grad students
Crawling around the floor
Acting as if they are the characters in a story.

It's readers theater time.
I will show them how it feels to be engaged in learning!


maria.selke said...

This is a fitting tribute to your sister in law. :)

You should take pictures of those grad students on the floor!

Dana said...

What a great life lesson, tribute to your sister, and examples of how you are living her way and teaching well.