Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOL 17: Feeling Green

One year, my mother made pitchers of green beer.  I was way too young to partake in the celebratory slug; however, I gathered that this was some sort of adult holiday that made people act crazy.  Another year, my aunt dyed her hair green. Let the partying begin was her motto that year! While neither of them had an ounce of Irish blood, they eagerly borrowed my father's heritage and celebrated readily!

This year, like most, my sister wore green from head to toe! To an adult, she looked like the Jolly Green Giant from Birdseye commercials; however, she takes this adult holiday and makes it special for Pre K students! At least she is 50% Irish and there will only be green eggs and ham!
In the NYC area (where there are MANY who claim to be at least a "wee" bit Irish by heritage), there will be parading and partying that will likely last well into tomorrow.  There will be green hair, green beer and lots of people who just feel green.  With the exception of my sister, this still seems to be an adult holiday that centers around partying! 

While I could, by birthright, be wearing the green and partying today, I have other plans.  I do think a little hair color (NOT green) is in order at a nearby salon.  I will clean the gray dustballs and dirt of all colors from the counters and floors in my house. I will add some green kale to my soup at lunch.  I will cook up some corned beef in my crock pot for a good Reuben sandwich tomorrow! I will gaze out at the little glimpses of green that are emerging in the garden and be grateful for spring.  I will think of my dad, wearing a green shirt, and reading his NYTimes (like every other day) while the partying ensued around him  I will also say a prayer that those party goers everywhere either have designated drivers or take cabs home.  If you're feeling really green today, please don't drive.   


Jama said...

It is interesting to read your family's traditions on St. Patrick's day. Thanks for filling me in on how others celebrate, I have never been around anyone who does more than wearing green on this dayl. I always enjoy your writing.

Tara said... are really going for it! Happy St. Patrick's day!