Friday, March 28, 2014

#sol14 March 28 A No Cell Phone Kind of Day

I realized it was a going to be a long and "empty" 21st Century kind of day as I prepared to enter the Taconic Parkway. My phone was not in the "pocket" where is was supposed to be and I could not remember putting it into my bag.  If I went back home, I would surely be late, very late.  If I went ahead, it would be a long day without a phone.
I suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable.  I felt empty and undressed.  I felt scared and lonely.  I wondered if I would be able to make it through the day!  I wondered how long it would be before one of my many "peeps" needed me?
The day was very long; yet, I made it through the day without a phone!id. 
I did have a few missed calls, a few missed texts, a zillion emails to answer and a few texts waiting. Yet, the day really did go on without my cell phone! 
I was reminded of that old dream about arriving at the HS locker and realizing you forgot to get dressed, so you keep you coat on all day.  Life goes on, even if you are not prepared. 
However, the Central Message of my story might be that we can get along without THINGS, even though things make our lives more comfortable and easy.  Instead, we need and want people around us and supporting us on this journey. 
When we lose one of our peeps, we arrive at our destination unprepared.   


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that life goes on! I know what you mean about feeling naked and unprepared. It is crazy that when I started driving I had no cell or car phone, but now I never get in the car without my cell.

Tara Smith said...

That cell phone has become such necessity - funny that this is a recent thing, but I can never imagine a time without access to my cell..we get so used to technology and so dependent upon it.

Loralee said...

Taconic Parkway...Taconic...brought back memories...I worked at a camp called "Camp Taconic" in Red Hook, NY when I was going to school in Boston...22 years ago...