Wednesday, March 5, 2014

sol14 March 5: Love at first lick

I'm expecting, so to speak,
Waiting, patiently, anxiously,
For a new member of my "family."
She might be mature, trained,
In need of a loving home,
Rescued from a pound, from a shelter.
He might be tiny,
With paws suggesting something else.
Still seeking a mom's tender touch,
Waiting to be housebroken,
Learning to walk on a leash,
Ready to chew his way into our hearts.
She might have a long tail or short ears,
He might have long straight hair or never shed.
I'm expecting,
To fall in love,
Like I have before,
At first lick.


Lee Corey said...

I like so much about this poem - chewing his way into your heart and love at first lick. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous poem. Your love for your new family member was certainly there. I felt how you were going to love it, who ever it was.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Awww, "Love at first lick"! I get that!! Falling in love with a pet is a special bond and one I treasure! Wishing for you to find the pet that fits with your family!

LInda Baie said...

Well, like everyone, I adore that 'first lick'-terrific. But the other line that is so true-"Ready to chew his way into our hearts." Can't wait to hear about your new puppy!

Terje said...

"Ready to chew his way into our hearts" - my favorite line. Happy puppy search!

Tara Smith said...

The anticipation is lovely - a new family member who will choose you, too.