Thursday, March 20, 2014

#sol14 March 21 The longest day of the year is NOT in June!

It's the best day. 
We're outta here, half-day,
We can play.
It's an easy, short day!
Hip, hip hooray!
We'll have fun today...

The kids
Giddy with excitement.   
Bubbly and buzzing, excited and eager
For play dates, bikes, bowling, shopping, Legos.  
For them,
The half-day held promise 
Less-than-usual homework and more-than-usual fun. 

The teachers, however,
Walked slowly, talked softly,
Perhaps saving themselves for the marathon ahead.
Yes, it was a half-day for kids,
But the many hours of afternoon-into-evening 
Parent-teacher-conferences on the horizon
Would mean the LONGEST day of the year
For them!


rissa said...

Couldn't agree more with your poem! Hate 'em!

Jaana said...

I am so grateful that my conference day yesterday went well! Your poem describes the feelings well. (Except we had full day of school and then conferences.)

Michelle said...

Funny, the two different perspectives. They are long days, but so worth the celebrations of learning! Hang in there!

LInda Baie said...

We're having conferences yesterday & today, then break in a week. Yes, long days, but I also felt so proud to see the celebration that happened in them. Those half days are tough, however. I always tried to do something different so the learning happened but in a different way. Hope your meetings go well, Anita, & then have a marvelous break!

Tara Smith said...

Yes, a long day indeed. I wish we had parent teacher conferences in middle school - I feel very disengaged from the parents of my kids.

Terje said...

Reading this I am thankful that we have a full day of conferences and no school for kids on that day.