Saturday, March 29, 2014

#sol14 #celebratelu March 29th Aches and Pains of Sadness, Sprinkled with a Celebration of Life

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As I lay in bed and listened to the clock tick early this morning, I was torn between "celebrating" this week or "just skipping the celebration." After all, nobody really wants to hear about the aches and pains of sadness, do they?  I have not been to the gym, yet, my shoulders hurt as if I were carrying the weight of the world around!  I'm tired; yet, I've gone to bed earlier and slept later than usual! I know it is not physiological, but my heart really hurts. Is there anything to celebrate, I wondered as I huddled under the blankets?

Then, as I read a bit of the NY Times, tracked some favorite blogs, and commented on some Slices of Life, I noticed that I was smiling, like she would have been.  There are indeed people, celebrations and smiles that have sweetened the sadness of the week.

  • The food, oh my, it kept coming and coming all week! 
  • Bagels and coffee; cookies, sandwiches, and coffee; more coffee!
  • Colleagues who checked on and supported each other.
  • Colleagues who corroborated that being forgetful was normal, at least in their minds.
  • Students who somehow knew that they needed to be a little kinder to each other and to their teachers.
  • Students, who in their innocence, remind us that hope springs eternal.
  • Spring, the timing is not lost on me.
  • Spring, I pray that light, hope, smiles and laughter may grow from of the darkness. She would not have wanted it any other way.
  • This morning, I still have the aches and pains of sadness - they are not likely to leave for a long time; yet, this weekend, I am remembering that hope and laughter can be sprinkled over sadness.  
  • This weekend, I will shed some tears, smile some smiles, and laugh with family and friends. That is what living is all about when you look at it through the lens of sadness sprinkled with a celebration of life. 
  • This weekend, I am Celebrating Life.   


Tracey Ferreri said...

and I celebrate you this morning.....NAMASTE!

Donna Smith said...

There is still grieving, but there are also still celebrations embraced. I'm glad you were able to find those blessings in the week, despite the overwhelming sadness. Go on a quest for more today!

LInda Baie said...

Still sad for your sadness, Anita, but happy that you choose to find the goodness in your week, too. I've found that being with the children/students so often helps me see the positive parts of life. They fill me up. Wishing you a weekend of togetherness as you celebrate and say goodbye.

Stacey said...

It is so hard to celebrate when you're grieving, Anita. I'm glad you found things to be grateful for this week.

"Students, who in their innocence, remind us that hope springs eternal." Yes, yes, yes!

Holly Mueller said...

Oh, Anita, I'm so sorry for your pain. I love that you got up and celebrated anyway. Spring, hope, children...

Tara Smith said...

The way you felt your path back to celebration was so moving, Anita. Thanks for being part of our slicing day, anyway.

Jaana said...

Something special happens when we choose to celebrate life and look at the good things. We don't forget the pain and the grief, but celebrating gives us a new perspective. Wishing you a little less pain each day.

Vanessa Worrell said...

These slices are our lives and life sometimes has difficulties and sadness. I could relate to your description of the body aches yet you hadn't been to the gym. Glad you have support.

Betsy H said...

I loved this line, "That is what living is all about when you look at it through the lens of sadness sprinkled with a celebration of life." You do have much to celebrate even in the midst of sadness. I will sprinkle some extra smiles your way.