Saturday, March 8, 2014

#sol14 #celebrate lu March 8 Friday Night Renditions of A Cold Lady

Discover. Play. Build.
This morning,
There are still grades to do,
Power points to complete,
Quilts to finish,
Miles to go before I sleep.

Yet, this morning,
 I smile and celebrate
A Friday night date night
A moment in the spotlight,
A little girl proudly emerging a reader,
Multiple renditions of Little Rabbit's Birthday,
Multiple renditions of There Was A Cold Lady,
A bedtime story, catching up on the cuddling!


Bonnie K. said...

The race is always moving us along and you capture it once again Anita. Love the books everywhere on your blog post!

Deb Day said...

I love how you've written all your celebrations in your poem....nice little list to go back and smile about

Tara Smith said...

Hooray for the cuddling - gotta make time for that!

Terje said...

Celebrating books and reading always wins over the never ending to-do-list. It was fun to see a celebration as a form of a poem.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

I agree with Terje and your use of poetry to celebrate. I might have to try this! Great celebrations!

Carrie H said...

I love reading about your celebrations! Thanks for sharing!