Thursday, March 13, 2014

#sol14: March 13 Dear Dr. Ferreri

Yesterday, I posted about a chance encounter with a former student; today my post is about reaching out, staying in touch, and reflecting on our practice!

"Hi Dr. Ferreri!" the email began,
      "I hope this finds you well.  My class is currently blogging and tomorrow I will be teaching my class about the draft feature.  I am going to ask them to begin a post, save it as a draft, then go back and finish/edit it to be posted.  As my lesson "hook" I was hoping to get a quote from you about drafting. It would be REALLY cool if we could skype you and you could talk to us for a couple of minutes about blogging and maybe talk up the draft feature a little bit." 
So, I write back, to my former-student and inspiring-colleague who is not only living the writerly life, but also inspiring her students to write in a 21st Century way. I get a little wispy, again. 
Dear Writers,  
    I am so glad you have joined the wonderful world of Blogging.  I started Blogging a few years ago as a way to practice doing what I was telling students and teachers to do!  
    At first, I "blogged" only once in a while.  I didn't have all that much to write about, at first.  But the more I "blogged" the more I found I had to write about!  I know that may not make sense, but when I started writing more, I noticed so many little things in my day-to-day life that I didn't notice before! 
     One of the things that helps me to write is to have a sort of a schedule. I usually DRAFT a post at night and then REREAD, REVISE and EDIT in the morning.  Sometimes, I decide NOT to share right away.  Lots of times, I decide to add pictures or totally change things up.  To be honest, I have LOTS of posts that will stay in draft forever! 
   When you know someone is going to read your thoughts and ideas, you want them to be clear and focused.   Sometimes, I think the best part of blogging is when people comment about your blog; however, at other times, the best part is that you don't forget all the little things that happen in your day to day life!
    I would LOVE to read some of your blog posts. Would you like to share some with me?    I would also LOVE to Skype with you, maybe next week?
                                                       Dr. Ferreri
                                                       Reader, Writer, Teacher,          
                                                       Fellow Blogger :)  



Lee Corey said...


What great words for the new bloggers. With this challenge, I am a new blogger and I couldn't agree more with what you've written. I notice things more. I think about writing during the day. I'm a little more careful about what I post because I know others are going to read it (although, I admit to sometimes feeling a bit rushed to get things done for this challenge). Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

We would LOVE to Skype with you! : ) Thank you for writing to us!

From Mrs. Rowe's Awesome Class!

Tara Smith said...

No wonder this young teacher is blogging with her kids and doing awesome things - she had you to show her the way.

LInda Baie said...

I went back and read yesterday's post too, Anita. Both show what a special teacher you are, and I hope you enjoyed basking in that glow for a while. Thank you for sharing these stories-so nice to hear.