Saturday, March 1, 2014

#sol14 #celebratelu Day 1: Words, words, words
This morning, 
A month-long celebration of  words begins.
We'll be sharing "slices," 
Small "bites" filled with the words,
Sweetness, sadness,
Joys, hopes,
Images and sounds of life. 

This week, 
I have been reminded,
Again, and again,
Of the impact and influence of words,
Spoken, written.

We use them from our earliest of days, 
Learning that words can make others happy, 
Fulfill our wants and needs,
Learning that words are powerful,
Sharing thoughts, messages and ideas.

Words can be devastating,
Taking our breath away, 
The wind out of our sails,
Leaving us bereft, distraught, 
Not sure of what to say.

Words can change the course,
Of history, of lives, of love,
Taking our breath away,
Filling us with anticipation,

This week,
I celebrate 
The potential of words
To do more good than harm
To heal, provide hope.
Discover. Play. Build.


Kevin Hodgson said...

A beautiful, thoughtful, powerful way to start Slice of Life. Words do indeed have power and how we use our words is important.

Dana Murphy said...

Love this tribute to the power of words. So true. I especially love the line about words taking our breath away. Very powerful!

maria.selke said...

This is beautiful, Anita!

The pen is, indeed,
mightier than the sword.

rallies troops,
tends the wounded,
and writes the terms of peace.

Donna Smith said...

Yes! Beautifully written! Let's get these good words on the pages now!

Melanie Meehan said...

Great poem to start off the slicing month. Ah- the power of words,both written and spoken!

Terje said...

Yes, beautiful indeed. Great poem about the power of words.

Michelle Haseltine said...

So beautiful!! Words are powerful! This post reminds me of the character of Felicity in A Snicker of Magic. If you haven't read it, you should. She's a word collector and...well, read it!!!

I shared thought similar to this with one of my classes yesterday. I heard lots of complaining and a few mean comments during a game they were playing. I reminded them that every time you open your have a choice in the words you choose.

Thanks for another reminder!!! I always love reading your posts, Anita!

elsie said...

So succinct and absolutely perfect choice of words for this month of words. Well done Anita!

Amy Rudd said...

This slice is a wonderful reminder of the power our words hold. Beatiful job of poetically arranging their story...

Max Maclay said...

A lovely poem to start off a lovely month of words. The power of words to both raise up or devastate is indeed amazing. Cheers!

Katherine Sokolowski said...

Anita, what a beautiful piece to remind us of the power of words. Something to celebrate indeed. Thank you.

Tara Smith said...

Love the way you concluded - your post is a testament to the power of words, Anita. Happy first day of slicing!

Adrienne Gear said...

This is a beautiful poem, Anita. I loved how you spoke of how words can be healing or hurtful. Reminds me of Peter H. Reynolds picture book "Ish". I am inspired by your participation in the Slice of Life challenge and shall be following your posts. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Hill said...

Ours words are our very essence. They make us who we are. I loved your poem so much.

LInda Baie said...

Always a pleasure to read "your" words, Anita, and this poem is a wonderful start to the SOLC month. Thank you for the inspiration for us on this beginning day!

Anonymous said...

A great first-day-of-the-challenge post. Words can be good and bad - so glad you ended with these positive thoughts: "To do more good than harm, To heal, provide hope." Your words are always inspiring to me.

Anonymous said...

I celebrate

The potential of words

To do more good than harm

To heal, provide hope.

What a great thought for the start of our challenge!

Deb Day said...

Wow. Like everyone else, I am struck by this poem. What a great start to the slice challenge

tsudmeier said...

I love this post. I just had a talk with my 4 year old about the power of words. Beautiful post

Lee Ann Spillane said...

A beautiful poem to kick off a wonderful month of sharing our words and writing together, thank you.

Catherine said...

What a perfect way to start this month of slicing! A tribute to the power of words and their ability to "take our breath heal, provide hope." Thanks so much for sharing you lovely poem.

Julie Johnson said...

Oh my gosh, this is a beautiful post that celebrates the power of words.

Elizabeth G. said...

What a beautiful way to show the power that words have. This is a great reminder of the power we have to make a difference in a positive way. I'm inspired!

Nanc said...

love this stanza:
Words can change the course,
Of history, of lives, of love,
Taking our breath away,
Filling us with anticipation,

powerfully great piece, Anita! xo

b said...

Anita -- beautiful! Your poem made my little lexiphile self want to backflip across a gym floor and rally every student around the power all our words - written and spoken - possess. Excited to slice with you. Hooray for March! b