Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#sol14 Day 18: Spring has sprung, We can play ball.

We really did need to replace our winter-jacket-clad-poem-advocating-snow-makes-you-happy bulletin board before parent-teacher conferences..
We really did have a lot to do this week with report cards and those conferences looming.
We really did search for an inspiring quote or poem.
We really did search for some words that would remind us all that hope springs eternal this time of year.
We really were about to leave the empty bulletin board until tomorrow and hope that inspiration came to one of us during the intervening hours..
We really do spend a good bit of time with those Wilson/Fundations sound cards and our students use those sound-symbol connections to make the phonics-decoding-encoding part of reading and writing a little easier.

So in a moment of must certainly be inspired Wilson teaching, here is a board that will make our students smile and Barbara Wilson smile:
Spring has sprung, 
We can play ball  

We really are sure this was one of the fastest bulletin boards in the history of teaching.
We really are sure those "glued sound" cards hanging up there will inspire reading.
We really are sure this will make even our first graders smile!
We really can't wait for our kids to see the sound cards on the bulletin board!
They will be SO excited!    


Michelle Haseltine said...

I love those moments when inspiration strikes! Can't wait to hear what the reaction is to this adorable bulletin board. LOVE the way you wrote this post!!! :) I really did...

Jaana said...

Your bulletin board looks amazing! Perfect attention to the sound cards! You are inspiring me to change some things in my room as well!

elsie said...

You just never know when inspiration will hit. Great way to use those cards.

Hailey said...

I like the bulletin board! It looks cool!

Brenna said...

I love when inspiration strikes! I like it better when it's in the ninth or tenth hour than the eleventh, but hey... The emergent readers will walk by handily decoding it :).

Tara Smith said...

They will love it - such fun! Their reaction just has to be a slice.

BethMooreTCRWP said...

Now that is a cute post. And a cute bulletin board.

Katy Collins said...

Cute slice format and adorable bulletin board! I could feel your happiness and pride through the whole post!

LInda Baie said...

Love the format-would love to steal... Love that you "replaced the winter-jacket-clad-poem-advocating-snow-makes-you-happy bulletin board before parent-teacher conferences." That's so hilarious, and sad too, considering all the weather. And love that fast bulletin board. The little ones will love you for it, and it will be two things checked off your list, the board and this slice!