Monday, March 10, 2014

#sol14 Monday, March 10 Show not tell, it's not just for writers anymore!

"It's a good first step to say your forgive," he implored, "and tell others how you feel; but, real, true forgiveness is something you do. You must show others you forgive through your actions." I felt as if he could see right through my fleece jacket into my heart.  The tears bubble over and slid down my cheeks. 
My mind wandered for just a second or two.  I often say I forgive and am willing to say I am sorry; yet, do I show people how I feel?  Do I act in a manner to show others how I really feel?  "

My mind drifted for just a second or two. I remembered long ago, realizing that writers show you how characters feel, not just tell you they are happy.  I remembered staring at the pulpit that day too, wondering why I never thought of that? "It's a good first step to tell how you feel," she implored, "but real writers show us how with actions." 

"Forgiveness, leads to joy,"  he implored. How did he know that joy was my One Little Word for 2014? He certainly seemed to be talking to me!  I've got my "walking papers," I thought to myself and I am glad I rushed to the 10:30 service that was written just for me!


Jaana said...

Powerful words so early in the morning! I am a firm believer that forgiveness leads to joy! I try to practice that in my classroom as well.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Hmmm, my post is on forgiveness too!!! And I can totally relate to the last line!!!!!! ME TOO!!!! :)