Saturday, December 23, 2017

SOL17 Perhaps the Window Will Come Some Day

Perhaps it is the writing course I am preparing to launch in January or perhaps it is a sign that light is beginning to break through the darkness, but whatever the reason, I am finding yet another small moment (3 in one week?) worthy of documenting!

"Um, Mrs. Ferreri?  This is XXX from XXX and I really don't know how to tell you this...but....there must be some sort of mix up with your installation," he began cautiously as if I was going to bite his head off.  "The installers did not show up this morning. I really don't know what to say.  Neither is answering his phone so far!"

I smiled thnking about this third attempt to install a window in four months!  The initial window was broken and then the replacement fell off the truck and so another custom sized window was ordered and so we waited,  I scheduled for Saturday morning a few weeks ago, but it didn't come in time, so today was the day!

Perhaps it is the spirit of the holiday season and perhaps it is a realization that in the whole scheme of life (made more clear by loss), a delay in window installation does NOT rock my world!  In fact, it is not even a ripple in the pond of life!  Perhaps it is the realization is the real "losers" are the company that has long been awaiting my money and really regrets the extra costs involved in this "deal".  

"It's really OK," I replied to the caller, " I'm sure there was some kind of mix up and we'll get it done eventually." Then, thinking about HIS likely loss of money from this lost job, I added, "I hope this is the biggest blip in your holiday season!"  

"Thank you for your understanding," he said softly.  "I'll call to reschedule on Wednesday.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas."

Perhaps it is the season of peace on earth and goodwill towards men, or perhaps a delay is NOT worthy of unkind words. Perhaps that window will arrive before the Wise Men!  Whatever the reason, I'm reminded, once again, that our words matter MORE than that window that will come some day!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Capricorn and This Winter Solstice

I usually catch the "news highlights" of the day on my phone after the alarm rings for the first time.  This morning, the start of winter was on my mind and so I clicked on USA Today's site following a headline about the winter solstice, "The winter solstice — also known as Yule, Midwinter, the Shortest Day of the Year and the Longest Night — occurs at 11:28 a.m. ET Thursday."
Yikes, I thought as I pulled the covers a little tighter and read, "This short, little day with the great many names also may be the worst day of the year, according to astrologers."
I'm not particularly into astrology, but "Apparently, the sun will appear to pass in front of the constellation Capricorn hours after Saturn does likewise. This will cause both of these orbs to line up for the first time time since 1664.".
The inference is , "starting something new on this day is “ill advised” and will have long-term consequences. And anything you try to do Thursday will be more difficult than usual, take more time and be more frustrating."  Ugh, I thought as I headed for the shower. 
But now, midway through a long day with students, I realize that it is NOT just the pull of a pending vacation, the excitement of endless gifts, or the clamor of crazy hat day that has students squirming in chairs and running in the hallway!  There is ALSO to the pull of Saturn, Capricorn and a new moon adding stress to our students' focus, attention and persistence to task!  Yes, USA TODAY, you are right!  Today has been a challenging day for teachers!  

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The crowd, how plentiful!
The sights, how incredible!
Taking in a plethora of miniatures,
Houses, trains, flowers,
An hour of escape
Into a Lilliputian version
Of NYC nestled
Amidst flowers and tiny trains.
The NYC Botanical Garden's
Annual Train Show.
If you can,
Go see it!
Or at least
Put it on your bucket list!