Sunday, February 3, 2013

Embrace Kindness, Practice Compassion

Today is a new day
Stacey got me thinking the other day with a post about "hitting the reset button."  Sometimes, the words jump off the page and into our hearts and this is just what happened! 

I might have been predisposed to thinking about "patience" this week as I resumed my busy life after a knock-you-off-your-feet-illness.  I guess I was already gearing myself up to "listening with my whole heart" as I watched my mother's "full body angst" as she turned the calendar to February and saw only sadness. 

So as I read the post, I felt like Stacey was talking right to me, reminding me that we can and should remember our human ability start anew on any morning in our lives (not just on January first!).  Sadness will happen and people will disappoint us; we will disagree with decisions and face challenging choices.  Life will never be perfect; however, "today is a new day." 


Unknown said...

Perfect, love it!!

Amy Rudd said...

Yes, I agree ! Any day can be a new day! My dad has been in the hospital and is home now...hopefully February will be a better month!