Monday, February 18, 2013

Finding a little space #SOL2013

It started out with a line of stuffed animals denoting where each of our "rooms" were to be; however, like generations of children before them, it quickly "escalated" to creating "forts" with blankets and pillows and seeking more clearly defined spaces with roofs over our heads.  In retrospect (hindsight is always clearer) I should have taken pictures of the events following the Ipad tea party (bet you didn't know they had a tea party app?) and a traditional tea party with real china tea set; however, I really was too busy playing to capture the moments of film.  When Dad arrived, out came the the PVC pipe fort maker adaptation and the fun continued.  While I am not sure the forts were ever really finished (are forts ever really finished?), I am sure that similar fort building has ensued all over the world throughout time.
We are all trying to find our own little space in the world.



Nanc said...

Totally loved the fort making when I was young. I love the PVC pipes too. This week I'm setting up my tent in my classroom. It is such a fun and cozy place to kick off our shoes, read and eat popcorn ! xo

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

My kids were great fort builders when they were young....your photograph really brought back great memories.