Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating a Graphic Organizer from Larry Ferlazzo's Ideas that Charlotte Danielson Would Love

In the October 2012 (70, 2) Educational Leadership, there was an article titled, Students Who Challenge Us: eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say and Do by Larry Ferlazzo,-Say,-and-Do.aspxtudents   Somehow, I missed it until now!  While there are MANY powerful suggestions that I have OUTLINED BELOW (see linked article for details) one of Ferlazzo's points comes right out of Danielson's framework for teaching, students do more reflecting on their own learning.  It's an eye-opening focus! 

In this article, Ferlazzo suggests:
1. Remember that authoritative ...through listening and explaining.
2. Believe that everyone can grow.
3. Understand that power isn't finite...Give students choices.
4. Give positive messages.
5. Apologize..Teachers are human, and we make plenty of mistakes.
6. Be flexible...Help them get started...Help postpone tempting distractions...Acknowledge stress.
7. Set the right climate.
8. Teach life lessons...Including reflection on how things are going!

SO, I made myself a little graphic organizer (putting Ferlazzo's words into my own) to pop into my planbook as a reminder of effective teaching tips! 


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Stacey said...

These are great reminders!