Tuesday, February 25, 2020

#sol20 Like Putty

He took my hand, firmly, and pulled me gently into the other room. I left the dishwasher open as there was an urgency to his need.

He held my hand tightly in a way that suggested a serious situation needed to be addressed. The room was strewn with toys and evidence of childhood but it was clear he was on a mission.

He led me to the couch and sat as close as he could. He sighed as he leaned in, knowing what was ahead.

"Read, Meme," he instructed me.  It was not a question, not a request, not a debate. "Read this book."

When we got to the last page of How to Track a Truck, he got up and raced over to the bookcase. "Another one?" he asked, yet it really wasn't a question.  "Dragons love tacos," he began as he placed the book in my lap and climbed up as quickly as he could.

He may be little, but he already knows I am like putty when a book about spicy tacos (or any other book) is placed in my lap!

I'm participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Tuesday, today, and hope to write every day in March during the SOL challenge.  I always feel anxious and unsure of my ability to undertake such a challenge; however, I'm going to try to document the moments and memories of my life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

#sol20 Just don't do aquasize

During a recent road-trip, I began talking about my new-found happy-place, the local YMCA.  "I don't feel embarrassed to walk on the treadmill and when I look around, there are people going slower than me!  I also like the relaxed feel of the dressing room where there is no pressure to have six-pack abs and a perfect body! I also love the pool. When I swim, I just don't feel my age as much."

"Just don't do aquasize," the driver offered as if it was a banned substance. 

"But I love aquasize and do it 3-4 times a week," I almost screamed, but realizing the kiddos were sleeping, I resisted the scream and made it a firm statement! "I get great exercise and even do some resistance and weight work in the water. It's also easy on my knees." 

"But, it's for o-o-o-o," he stopped, catching the prejudice before it came all the way out.

"It's great for old ladies," I quipped in defense of all aquacizers, some much older and some younger than me.  "This is an exercise routine I can get behind and do for a long time. I am getting older, in case you didn't notice."

Later that night I reflected on the conversation as I climbed into bed, promising myself I would do weights in the morning.  It's easy to let our preconceived ideas get in the way.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

#SOL2020 Lesson Learned

Lanny's reminder about March's Slice of Life Marathon made me feel as if I had been called into the principal's office about my lack of writing.  Clearly, I could choose to just let "the blog" rest in this new season of life; yet, this "blog" has been an important forum for saving the "small moments" of life and a way of connecting with others who process life and thinking in a similar way.

So, in a quick review of the past few months:
I learned to brush my teeth with bottled water and a "spittoon"!
I spent more time at the gym showering than exercising!
I cleaned the same corner 30 times until the dust finally settled.
I met amazing craftsmen, lived amidst chaos, wrestled with decisions.

I created a new generation graduate course while my laptop was covered with dust,
I filmed segments in a real studio after getting hair and make-up as if I was a star,
I aligned meaningful activities and video clips of student-teacher interaction,
I met producers, lived with stress, wrestled with deadlines!

I've watched my tribe of little people grow, learn, and thrive, each in their own way,
I've explained that their parents are "my babies" to disbelieving audiences,
I've read How to Track a Truck and Strega Nona more than a few times,
I've watched snow fall, Amazon trucks arrive, and Pete the Cat videos.

I've been busy, but the real reason for not writing is that it is hard to write when you get out of the daily practice of writing.  Plus, I really do have stories to share about my home renovation, course development, and my tribe. Lesson learned.