Sunday, April 11, 2010

just thinking

As the sun streams through my window this Sunday morning, I am reminded of the promise of spring and the new beginning that it offer us all each year. Like each of you who might ever come across the post, I am busy with my jobs as well as a plethora of family responsibilities and household chores! Like each of you I have my worries and concerns, some of which could fill a person with angst at times! Like most of you, I awoke this morning with a "to-do" list that was already long and a sense of "angst" about getting it all done today.....And then...only a few hours the still early eight o'clock hour, the sun breaks through and offers me a sense of hope.... Yes I have already crossed a few things off my list...and the rest will either "get done" or make tomorrow's "to-be-done" list...
I am reminded as I feel the warm sun (through the window this week) that some how it will all get done....and that we ALL (even you grad students who might come across this blog while stalling) need to take time to "enjoy the promise of new beginnings" that spring always evokes. There are no promises of consistently wonderful weather or consistently sunny skies to this season; yet, somehow this sunshine reassures us all that there are bright days ahead for us all.