Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Praise for the Fitbit

Last month, I bought myself a Fitbit.  I realize I am "late to the Fitbit party" but I needed a watch and I committed my year to nourishing (my OLW) my body and soul this year, so it seemed to make sense!  Plus, the day after my Timex stopped ticking, an ad for fancy activity tracking watches appeared in my inbox.  I considered it a sign!

However, this post is not about my Fitbit.  It's about the power of recognition and praise to encourage and reward our attempts to move (pun intended) in a positive direction.  Every day, I see my "step count," miles moved, calories burned and whenever I move 7500 steps in a day, I get a shower of stars and a reward vibration on my wrist!  I have been known to walk around the block after dinner to make sure I meet my goal. They also give you "badges" for "significant" and yet not really significant accomplishments like the badge I earned today. I realize the badge and $2 will not get me a coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  I realize I am still overweight and still not physically fit; however, I smiled as today's recognition lit up my email!

As a teacher and a teacher of teachers, I cannot help but be reminded that our students, all of our students, need recognition and specific praise for their efforts.  I'm already thinking I should raise my daily step goal to 8000.......

You've earned the London Underground badge
You've walked 250 miles—as many as the world's first underground railway. This triumph really lays the tracks for some big things in the future.