Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#sol16 It looks like you!

There was a time,
Not that long ago,
When I was a younger,
Slimmer, less wrinkled, less gray, 
Version of me, now!

As we shared this lovely tale
Of reading to family
The other day,
One of my kindergartners
Offered excitedly,
"She looks just like you!"
"Did you write this book?
She asked with a smile!   
"I wish I had," I commented,
"But I am very busy listening to 
My readers, like you!"
"I am a reader" she smiled
Rewriting the page as she read,
"I can read to Mrs. Ferreri
Who looks just like this!"

I'm pretty lucky
To have shared
Many wonderful
Reading journeys
Where I was an 
Auntie, Mom, 
Long ago,
Perhaps the 
"Cool, young" teacher.  

I'm fortunate 
To have shared 
Enough magical 
Reading journeys
To qualify me as
A title I proudly wear!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

#celebratelu: Students and Teachers Are Slicing

It started, innocently enough, during a break in teacher-interviews as we discussed her "less-than-excited-to-write-third-graders."  I suspect I threw out something about Donald Graves, my guru, and writing for real, meaningful purposes about self-selected topics.  (I usually refer to Donald's powerful-to-me-message at moments like that!)  Next thing I knew, we were planning a Slice of Life Challenge for the After-Testing season! It was only a few days later that I realized this "writing-virus" had spread to the classroom next door.  There lots of students writing every school-day for a month! Our hope is that writing more about subjects we know and love would produce some writing that came from the heart and inspired us to write in order to understand and clarify our world.

Today, when they came into the reading-writing room, they proudly shared their SLICES OF LIFE NOTEBOOKS!  We don't have wi-fi yet and a laptop cart is still on the horizon; however, the SLICE-OF-LIFE challenge was really happening in my hallway!

So yesterday, I discarded my plans, picked up a piece of paper and encouraged my reluctant writers as I brainstormed aloud!  We wrote...I smiled...and I knew that while my world is in shambles these days, I still am still "inspiring" students and teachers to live readerly and writerly lives!
This morning, I celebrate the power of just a few moments of collaboration!  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thinking: Under a clear blue sky

Patience and perseverance 
have a magical effect 
before which difficulties disappear 
and obstacles vanish.

-John Quincy Adams

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Napping: Under a Clear Blue Sky

The sky was blue,
The clouds were few,
Grammy was around
The carriage was anxious 
To find solid ground.

As we headed out
There was no doubt,
She'd join a long line
Of those who find
Napping in the sunshine
Is mighty fine

She sang for a while,
Way less than a mile,
Then slowly drifted
Off to sleep
Certainly, with a smile!

Whatever your age,
Whatever your stage,
When that spring sun
Is high in the sky,
Napping is a good thing to try!, 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Despair under clear blue skies

The juxtaposition
 Of despair and hope,
Of unfathomable grief
And infinite love,
Of life-changing news
Amid blooming daffodils,
Of a sea of tears
Under a clear blue sky,
Of potential lost
While we were helpless,
To change the heartache,
To stop the rain, 
To corral the sorrow,
To measure the sadness.
Even as reminders
Of rainbows after storms,
Of peace after turmoil
Popped through the soft earth.

"Don't sweat the small stuff," 
He said
As another lamp broke
Or another jacket was lost.
"Break the rules.
Forgive quickly, 
Love truly. 
Laugh uncontrollably
Never regret anything that makes you smile,"
Said Mark Twain.
"Hold tight to those you love,"
I'm reminded.
As I reflect on yesterday,
Pray under today's sunrise,
Hope for healing tomorrow.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Got to write

After school today,
I debate teacher evaluations,
Wrote lesson plans.
Considered  students' IEPs
Reflected on CSE referrals,
Thought about those students
Teachers doing the work of writers.
I wondered how Beverly Cleary
Would look at my world
Of wanna be writers
Have to be writers.
Gotta be writers.
Then I remembered
Writing is thinking
Learning and reflecting.
It's not a lot Liz,
But this was my slice today.
I will try to.join your challenge